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Paul Roach
9/63 Knutsford Avenue
Western Australia, 6103
  0419 911 034
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Allen Fanchini
General Manager
Express Powder Coaters 

“Getting Paul on as our Coach was the best decision we made for our business…

Bill and I have been working with Paul for many years now and we have seen nothing but improvement and growth in our business. Since starting coaching Bill has been able to separate himself from the day to day and start working on the business through strategic adventures, allowing be to effectively run the business as General Manager in Bill’s absence.

Through our Coaching with Paul we have worked on many things, always with great results. Seeing Paul every fortnight he drives me pretty hard, he helps keep the systems and structures in place, drives our finance sector and provides accountability to make sure all our marketing happens and our sales hit the targets that they need to.

Through my Coaching with Paul I have also learnt a lot about running a team, understanding how they work and how to lead them to get the best possible result. We are in a constant push for marketing for growth which has been effective in driving our business forward.

Getting Paul on as our Coach was a great decision that we will never look back on. We cannot recommend Coaching enough!”

Deanne Mondello
Endless Beauty

“I met Paul when I had had enough of my business, I was ready to hand the keys in and walk away because I was finding the stress of running a small business to much.

Paul helped me get business structures and systems in place to get the business working well and start the growth process. It was then I could step back and start working in the business part time, while still bringing in the equal profits to what I would have being in the business full time.

Within six weeks of working with Paul, my business experienced sales growth of 30% from the same period last year, growing to 50% within four months of starting coaching, all whilst spending less time working on the business and spending less in marketing dollars. Paul helped me understand all the financial information that I previously felt like I had no grasp on and helped me understand how to monitor my business performance.

At the end of the day, after the business had experienced significant growth I decided it was time to move on and was able to sell my business for a profit and spend time raising my first child with my husband.

I had a huge weight lifted off my shoulders after getting Paul on board and I am now extremely excited about the future.”

Craig Harmon
Harmonic New Media

“We stared Coaching with Paul approximately a year and a half ago and have not looked back.

His business and financial knowledge has helped in improving both my businesses bottom line and all other aspects. He holds us accountable and always make sus think about different eventualities, meaning that any action we take is always in the nest interests for the business.

This year alone we have increased our staff by 60% and revenue by 40%, all with Paul’s assistance. This has has allowed us to take on more clients and bigger, more exciting projects.

Next year, with Paul’s assistance I will be taking a step back and letting the business run itself. This was an important goal for me as I will be taking on some exciting new projects that will need my undivided attention.

I look forward to many more years working with Paul and am excited to see the continuous growth and success of my business.”

Carl King
Apollo Risk Services

 “Paul has been the one person that I can bounce ideas off and rely on as a sounding board, and who has the company’s best interests at heart…

I have been Coached by Paul for more than 5 years now and the difference he has made to my business is outstanding.

I started my Coaching with Paul as a new business, in this time, I have created a brand, and launched an insurance brokerage that is now ranked in the Top 10 National Brokers. I would encourage any other business to give business coaching a go…if you are willing to listen and implement the steps and actions which Paul will guide you through, it WILL make a positive difference to your business.”

Luke Austin
Performance Packaging

 “I have been working with Paul now for two years and three months, and the impact which Paul has made on my business is nothing short of life-changing.

My team & I are now working proactively, rather than reactively, and my business is now a leader, not a follower. We are now operating smarter. We have achieved a remarkable increase in turnover, whilst reducing our warehouse space from two to one, and operating with a smaller team.

My team work more autonomously, and now feel confident to make relevant decisions, with full support from the business.

In the 17 years of operating my business, the best thing that has ever happened is getting Paul onboard. To me, Paul seems like a business partner and is very much part of the team.” 
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